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    Friday, September 4th, 2020
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    Give us a brief description of your character. Include positive and negative traits below.
      Tandy Bowen is a complicated soul. When she was young, she was fairly carefree and wanted little more than to make her parents – particularly her father – proud of her, as most little girls do, and she seemed to be succeeding at that. Even though she wasn’t very good at ballet, her father instilled in her a desire to try and a determination to keep practicing until she got a step right; if she fell, Tandy immediately got back to her feet and tried again every time. She was closer to her father and was his “Pumpkin” since her mother was often sleeping thanks to pills due to some sort of back injury that Tandy wasn’t entirely sure how she’d gotten.

      That changed when she was eight years old and her father died in front of her. This event shaped her personality for the next half of her life; she kept others from getting too close, she blamed her mom for her father’s death because her mom had been the one who was supposed to pick her up from ballet that night, not him, and she became bitter in regards to Roxxon and the rich. Before her dad’s death, her family had been fairly well-off, but Roxxon ensured that the blame for an explosion at a drilling site fell entirely on her dad’s shoulders, which meant no life insurance or anything. Tandy and her mom were forced to move into the poorer part of New Orleans, and as the years went by Tandy began to learn how to get by by stealing from others whatever she needed.

      She learned how to manipulate people, and how to get them to trust her. She used her looks and the fact that she could look innocent given the right clothing and look on her face to get what she wanted. When she was fifteen, she quit going to school; her mother never knew, because it was around the same time she quit coming home all the time. Her mother’s meager paychecks and tips from waitressing – what didn’t go to alcohol – could barely cover the costs of their tiny home and their food, so Tandy opted to be homeless and take care of herself. She drank occasionally, but also turned to drug use in the form of other peoples’ medications, chasing a high that could help keep her from realizing just how crappy her life really was.

      Deep down, she always wished for more, but she knew that having any kind of hope that things might change was foolish.

      Or at least, she knew that until she met Tyrone Johnson for the second time in her life. When they touched, awakening the powers they had, she began to believe that just maybe there could be more in her life, and he began to feel the same about his. At first, Tandy was afraid of her powers, particularly when she stabbed a boy who was attempting to rape her because she'd stolen from him, but eventually she learned to trust her abilities. Tandy used her skills to reawaken her stubbornness and her desire to clear her father’s name and channeled it into a renewed determination to find out what happened the night her father and Ty’s brother died. One of the things she quickly found out her powers could do was see others’ hopes, and if she and Ty both touched someone at the same time, they could see more. It was this way that Tandy found out her dad had abused her mom, and her world splintered.

      She spiraled back into her old habits at first, but instead of chasing the high of pills, she realized that absorbing a person’s hopes made her feel better, if guilty at the same time. When she eventually broke free of that destructive behavior, she managed to track down the man in charge of Roxxon in New Orleans, and exacted her personal revenge on him by leaving him catatonic in his own mind, revealing a streak of cruel justice she hadn’t realized she was capable of.

      Saving New Orleans with Tyrone is by far the most important thing she’s ever done, and it was through that act that she realized that she no longer had to accept the way her life was going, and she could actually care about someone else without being afraid of losing them.


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    The primary defining moment of Tandy’s life is the night her dad died and she was imbued with powers from a mysterious energy from beneath the surface of New Orleans, the Lightforce.

    The second defining moment of Tandy’s life is the moment she learned the truth about her dad: that he was abusive and had hurt her mom. Up until that point, she held her dad up on a pedestal, and believed he could do no wrong. Learning the truth shattered her completely.

    The third defining moment of Tandy’s life is when she met Tyrone Johnson for the second time. She stole his wallet and when their hands touched, their individual powers erupted.

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    NAME: Tandy Bowen
    CANON POINT: Episode 2x10, "Level Up"
    PB: Olivia Holt
    SPECIES: Enhanced Human
    HISTORY: here
    INVENTORY: A duffle bag of clothes and toiletries. She came from a bus she was riding to go out of town.
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